How it Works
How it Works
Bonus Ads Point (BAP) for every $1.00 Ad Campaign
  • Buy $1.00 Adpack.
  • Bonus Ads that you receive in your account can reach up to 14 Level.
  • The more ads you buy the higher your bonus ad will go. For every ad you purchase you will receive their worth of 130% as bonus ad points.
  • So for every $1 adpack, you get
         2600 BAP where 1 BAP = $0.0005
         200 PTC Ad Credits
         5000 Banner Ad Credits .
  • You can buy unlimited Ads Campaigns daily without any limit.
Paid Ads
  • Every member only receive 10 ads daily in your account. You have upto 24 Hours to click on the Paid Ads and Bonus ads.
  • Members in higher Group received high value of paying ads upto $95 per paying ad click
Activation Ads
  • Every member receive activation ads daily, you need to click and receive Free BAP daily from ads.
Re-Purchase Rules
  • We don't have any repurchase rules. All earning from Paid Ads directly into Account Balance.